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The Story of a Popular Vigilance Enhancer

For some people, life without medications is inconceivable! Quick-fix drugs have become a necessity in modern life, and it seems like every health issue or shortcoming out there has a pill to fix it, or so they may claim. Nootropics are a class of drugs that are used to treat different mental and neurological disorders. While most nootropics are approved treatments for certain conditions, a lot of people use these drugs off-label as they are believed to improve mental energy and boost productivity. One of the well-known nootropics is adrafinil, and here is a brief background on its uses and safety, brought to you by Real Adrafinil.


The drug (diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl-2 acetohydroxamic acid, commonly known as adrafinil, was first developed in France as a vigilance booster for the treatment of narcolepsy and daytime sleepiness, among other conditions. Its mechanism of action is still not completely understood, but there are a few theories which we will not discuss here for the sake of simplicity. What you should know is that adrafinil is a precursor for modafinil. Once ingested, adrafinil travels to the liver where it gets broken down/metabolized into modafinil, which is the active compound that has the proclaimed medicinal properties.


Although adrafinil was approved in France and other countries, it was obvious that its metabolite: modafinil was a more effective treatment, so the manufacturer stopped making adrafinil (brand name: Olmifon) in 2011 and continued production of modafinil. In most countries today - including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and others - modafinil is an approved prescription-only drug, while adrafinil is unapproved and unscheduled. This simply means that people could legally buy adrafinil over the counter, just like they would buy dietary supplements, although adrafinil is a synthetic drug not a natural supplement. Because of such ease of access, adrafinil became one of the top cognitive enhancers, or nootropics, that are used by men and women across the globe.


The main use of adrafinil is to improve focus, mood, and wakefulness. People take adrafinil as capsules or powder in doses ranging from 150mg up to a total of 1200mg a day. While studies on this drug are very few, it seems to be safe when used within this dosage 2-4 times a week.


There aren’t many remarkable side effects of adrafinil, however, you should be very careful when taking it with other nootropics or stimulants. The general rule is that the more nootropics you consume the lower dosage of each you should take. There are known cases of excessive jitters and anxiety when taking adrafinil with caffeine or other stimulants, so be careful not to mix your stimulants.


It should also be noted that adrafinil may not work for everyone. Some users experience noticeable improvement in concentration, motivation and/or mood for several hours, while for others it may have little to no effect. It is also not recommended to take adrafinil for more than a few months. Because the drug gets metabolized in the liver every time you take it, your liver may start to suffer after prolonged usage.


This was a quick overview of adrafinil. There are many resources where you can learn about this nootropic and others. Remember to do a thorough research before you take any new drug. These are serious substances with serious effects. The fact that adrafinil is generally safe with little risks does not mean it won’t cause harm when taken in excess amounts or with other drugs, caffeine or alcohol. Consulting with a doctor is always a wise thing to do, but keep in mind that adrafinil cannot be prescribed for patients as it has not been approved by the FDA as of yet.

Note: Information on this website is informational in nature and does not qualify as medical advice. Please see your doctor for professional medical consultation.